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Tronpix is a Dapp (decentralized application) based on the TRON blockchain that allows users to buy plots of 10x10 pixels on a large canvas using Tronpix tokens, draw anything they want in them using full 24-bit RGB colors, and attach a URL that visitors to the site can click on.

To use a TRON Dapp you need a TronWeb enabled web browser connected to a TRON wallet. For this Dapp, it is recommended to use the Google Chrome browser on desktop with the TronLink extension, however several TRON wallet applications include a built-in Dapp browser that you could use, such as TronWallet (TronWallet Play for desktop has a Chromium based browser and works just as well as Chrome).

To obtain Tronpix tokens using the ‘Buy tokens’ button above, users must be in possession of TRX, the native cryptocurrency of the TRON blockchain. This can be obtained from a cryptocurrency exchange such as Binance in exchange for another cryptocurrency such as ETH. ETH can in turn be bought from a site such as Coinbase using fiat currencies, if you do not have any crypto to trade.

Note that, for this Dapp, TRX is also required to be burnt to pay fees for energy (and bandwidth, once you go over your free daily allowance), so ensure you have some TRX spare to cover this. These fees should not exceed 3TRX to update each 10x10 pixel plot. If you have more TRX than you need, you can freeze the rest of it to obtain energy, which will be used instead of burning TRX (and it replenishes every 24 hours). Do make sure you freeze for energy (not bandwidth, which is only needed in small amounts) and leave some TRX unfrozen, just in case you need it!


How do I log in?

To be logged in you need to be using a TronWeb-enabled browser, as described above, with the attached wallet unlocked (i.e. enter your password in the wallet). Once everything is set up you should be logged in automatically. You will need to refresh the page however (e.g. hit F5) in order to enable realtime updates.

How do I draw on the canvas?

Firstly, go to the edit page and ensure you are logged in. Then move your mouse over the canvas to find somewhere to draw. If the plot is highlighted red, this means someone else owns that plot and you will not be able to draw at this location. If it is highlighted green it is available to purchase and otherwise it is highlighted yellow (meaning you already own it and can therefore draw on it).

Once you have found somewhere to draw, click on the plot. This will load the plot information in the sidebar. You can then select a color by clicking on the palette, clicking on the selected color (to bring up a color dialog) or using the RGB (red, green and blue) sliders. Once your color is selected, click inside the 10x10 grid to apply the color to that pixel. Repeat until drawing in this plot is complete. The resulting image is shown in the preview below and on the main canvas.

If you wish to draw a bigger image then you can click on a neighbouring plot in the preview area, and continue drawing as before in the new location.

Once your image is complete, you need to click on each of the plots you have edited (enter a URL for the plot if you wish) and click the ‘Submit changes’ button, which will update the status of the plot. You will likely be prompted to confirm the transaction by your wallet. Until this is done, your drawings are not saved anywhere, and will be lost when you refresh the page.

How do I place an existing image on the canvas?

There are three ways to achieve this. Once you are on the edit page:

Using the above methods the image is always aligned at the top left of a 10x10 plot (so if the image is a multiple of 10 pixels it won't partially overlap with any other plots). Once your image is on the canvas you can click and drag it to a new location to adjust its position at pixel precision and the plots it overlaps will be highlighted (with color showing ownership – see the previous question). Whilst you can move the image, you can press delete or backspace to remove the image from the canvas.

To permanently position the image, click anywhere on the canvas outside of the image, then you will be taken to the sidebar with all the plots the image covers selected. You can then enter a URL to cover this area and click the ‘Submit changes’ button, which will submit each of the selected plots in turn. You will likely be prompted to confirm each of these transactions by your wallet.

How do I set the URL on and submit multiple plots at once?

You can select a rectangular block of plots by clicking and dragging over an area of the canvas. Once that is done you can set the URL and click the ‘Submit changes’ button, which will submit each of the selected plots in turn. You will likely be prompted to confirm each of these transactions by your wallet.

Colors look weird in my Dapp browser compared to other browsers/editors, how do I fix this?

By default, Chrome (and other Chromium based browsers) try to use the color rendering profile set for the monitor, which may produce wrong looking, pale or limited range of colors (as well as degrading performance).

To fix this (in Chrome only) put in your address bar chrome://flags/#force-color-profile and set it to sRGB.

For other applications, it is also possible to change or disable the color profile for your monitor in your operating system settings, which may be preferable anyway, because it will apply the changes to all applications and not just to Chrome.

What kind of token does Tronpix use?

Tronpix tokens are TRC10 tokens, the native token type provided by the TRON blockchain. These are cheap to transfer between wallets (about as cheap as TRX itself), compared to other token types based on smart contracts. Tronpix tokens are not divisible (can only be transferred in whole numbers); on Tronscan this is indicated as a precision of 0.

How many Tronpix tokens are there and what are they for?

The Tronpix canvas contains 150x600 = 90000 plots of 10x10 pixels. There is only one Tronpix token for each plot available, so there are 90000 tokens in total. Each Tronpix token can only be used to obtain ownership of a plot, but you can also sell a plot to get your token back and then use it elsewhere or sell it on a secondary market (such as on TronWatchMarket using TRC10 token ID 1000513). You can view more details of the token issuance on Tronscan.

How does this site work?

The core component of this Dapp is a single smart contract that is running on the TRON blockchain. The smart contract governs how users are able to interact with the Dapp (buy, update and sell plots) and contains all the storage for the pixels in the canvas, the URLs associated with them and their owners. This data is all cached on the web server so it can be served quickly and then (if possible) the webpage (as well as the web server) subscribes to the events emitted by the smart contract to enable live updates to the canvas as it is edited by other users.

When you submit your drawings, you are sending a message to the smart contract (triggering a function call in the code) which causes it to update its storage with the provided data. In the case of buying a plot, one of your Tronpix tokens is attached to the message call and the smart contract verifies it has been received. In the case of buying tokens, TRX is attached to the message call instead and the smart contract sends you Tronpix tokens back.

Where can I find the smart contract code?

The code of the smart contract is available in this Gist and the resulting ABI and bytecode can be found on Tronscan.

Unfortunately, none of the contract verification services, at the time this was published, were offering compilation with Solidity version 0.5.x, so this contract remains unverified. If you wish to verify the contract yourself get TRON Solidity 0.5.4 and run it as solc --evm-version constantinople --optimize --bin --abi --metadata Tronpix.sol. Note that the bytecode on Tronscan includes the 32 bytes of constructor arguments at the end, representing the value 200000000, which is the initial cost of a token from the smart contract (200TRX).

I have a problem with the site, how do I report it?

Please report all issues/bugs to and we will act on them ASAP.